What Makes PRP Therapy So Effective?

Soft tissue damage happens all the time. It’s painful and inconvenient, and recovery may take a while if the damage is bad. However, with the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, we can help speed up your healing and reduce recovery time.

At Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, we understand that you want to recover quickly and get back to doing what you love. That’s why our team of orthopedic surgeons uses platelet-rich plasma therapy to promote faster healing. 

How PRP therapy works

If you get a minor cut and start to bleed, the bleeding eventually stops. Platelets are responsible for this. They have proteins that clot our blood so we don’t bleed out. These proteins also promote healing.

Similar to PRP, stem cell therapy can promote quicker healing as well. They contain amino acids and proteins that encourage cell growth. The combination of stem cell therapy and PRP injections can speed up healing by replicating your tissue cells.

We take a sample of your blood, separate the platelets, and inject them into your injured soft tissue. You might need multiple injections depending on the severity of your injury. 

What can PRP therapy treat?

PRP can be used to treat soft tissue tears, sprains, and strains. It’s also effective at reducing inflammation as it promotes more blood flow to your injury. We may recommend PRP therapy for:


We also use PRP injections before or after orthopedic surgery to assist you during recovery.

PRP therapy effectiveness

PRP therapy works well on many soft tissue injuries. However, it shows the most promise in treating chronic tendon injuries, like tennis elbow, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. 

PRP injections are also good for treating knee injuries. In 2014, the American Journal of Sports Medicine discovered that PRP injections helped treat chronic patellar tendinopathy in athletes. In a study, 28 athletes received three injections and 21 returned to practice within 2-3 months

As with any treatment method, the effectiveness of PRP therapy varies. We always perform a thorough exam before starting PRP therapy.

Experience quick treatment with few side effects

Because PRP therapy involves the use of your own blood, the treatment rarely has side effects. You may, however, experience a little irritation or pain, which is normal. 

To learn about PRP therapy and if it’s right for you, call one of our two convenient Jacksonville locations.

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