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Elbow Pain Specialist

Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic

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Elbow pain – whether acute or chronic – can make it difficult to do normal activities, like playing sports, doing household chores, or sleeping comfortably. To understand the cause of your pain and get relief, the team at Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, provides diagnosis and treatment for elbow injuries. In practice for more than 30 years, the team delivers the results you need with compassion and dedication. To schedule a consultation, call or book online now.

Elbow Pain Q & A

What types of injuries affect the elbow?

Elbow injuries can occur in both adults and children and may be the result of trauma, sports injuries, overuse, or arthritis. Common conditions that can affect the elbow include:

  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis)
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fractures
  • Nursemaid’s elbow
  • Dislocation
  • Muscle tears
  • Nerve entrapment syndromes

Specific elbow injuries present with unique signs and symptoms outside of pain and limited range of motion. The team first performs a consultation to understand where you’re feeling pain, what types of movements are painful, and if you’re experiencing any muscle weakness or nerve sensations – including shooting pain or numbness and tingling.

How are elbow injuries diagnosed?

After your consultation, the team performs a thorough physical exam of your elbow and surrounding structures, including your shoulder and wrist. Preliminary tests check your muscle strength, nerve sensation, and range of motion. Additional orthopedic tests of the elbow are used to determine the specific location of your pain and the anatomical parts of your elbow that are involved.

In many cases of elbow injuries, movement is restricted and can make it difficult to perform some orthopedic tests. The team aims to be as gentle as possible when assessing your elbow to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

Certain conditions, including dislocations and fractures, require X-rays. Other conditions – like muscle tears – may require an MRI. The team orders imaging that may include multiple images of your elbow from different angles in order to determine the extent of your injuries.

Based on your consultation, exam, and imaging, the team explains your diagnosis and recommends an appropriate treatment plan.

How are elbow injuries treated?

Treatment for elbow injuries depends on your diagnosis. For mild to moderate injuries related to muscle strains or ligament sprains, the team provides braces and medications to reduce inflammation and pain. They may also recommend a course of physical therapy to rehabilitate your elbow.

Other injuries that involve structural damage may require casting, splinting, or surgery, especially fractures, dislocations, and muscle tears. The team walks you through the procedure you need in order to repair the damage to your elbow. They answer all of your questions and ensure you receive treatment in a timely manner so you don’t have to suffer any longer.

For all types of elbow injuries, visit Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic. Call or schedule your appointment online now.

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