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Arm Pain Specialist

Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic

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Minor and major arm injuries are common – especially among children and athletes – though they can happen to anyone. For all causes of arm pain and injuries, the orthopedic surgeons at Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, provide effective treatment to give you relief. To determine the cause of your pain or injury and learn about treatment options, set up an appointment online or by phone today.

Arm Pain Q & A

Why does my arm hurt?

Arm injuries are often the result of direct trauma, overuse, sports injuries, and injuries at home or work. Common causes of arm pain include:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Muscle overuse
  • Muscle or bone bruise
  • Skin injury or infection

Many arm injuries are complex since they can involve bones, soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. If you’ve experienced an arm injury, seek care from the team immediately.

How are arm injuries diagnosed?

To determine the cause of your arm injury, the team begins with a thorough consultation and physical exam. They ask questions about your pain or injury, where you feel the most pain, what types of movements are difficult, and if the pain travels up or down your arm.

During your physical exam, the team tests your muscle and grip strength, range of motion, and nerve sensation. They also perform orthopedic tests to assess the joints in your arm, including your shoulder, elbow, and wrist. These tests may be uncomfortable or difficult to perform, so tell the doctors if you’re experiencing discomfort.

Your doctors may also take X-rays or order an MRI of your arm to look at the joints and soft tissues involved in your injury. This can help determine which anatomical areas are affected and the extent of your injury – especially if you’ve experienced a fracture or muscle tear.

How are arm injuries treated?

Depending on your diagnosis, the team provides a variety of treatment options based on your needs. For mild to moderate cases, the team may recommend rest, bracing, medications, or physical therapy. If conservative methods aren’t enough to resolve your pain or you have a more serious injury, the team offers joint injections and surgical care.

Medications – including joint injections – can relieve pain and inflammation in order to encourage your body to heal naturally. For cases of structural damage to your arm – including your shoulder, upper arm, elbow, and forearm – the team provides surgical treatment.

Based on your exam and imaging, the team determines which surgical procedure is best for your injury and the specific anatomical changes involved. They explain the procedure thoroughly and outline what to expect before and after treatment so that you can recover and rehabilitate as needed.

To get help with your arm injury, call or schedule a consultation online at Bahri Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic now.

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